Mike Vondruska and his staff are here to help you, the media, to create a more positive spin regarding this mostly untouristed México state by foreign travelers. We can help you with interesting local stories, provide photos to accompany your articles, give you updated positive travel guest testimonials, story content via videos, and even arrange for you to come and visit this geographically diverse Gulf of México coastal state where you will discover its history-soaked tales of foreign invaders and its cultural mixture of Indigenous, African, Spanish, Caribbean, and Cuban influences.

Did you know?

The music of La Bamba originated in Veracruz

Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Michael Douglas, Sean Connery, and Arnold Schwarzenegger made movies in Veracruz

Selma Hayek was born in Veracruz

Kahlua originated in Veracruz

The tallest volcano in North America is located in Veracruz

Hernán Cortéz first arrived to the New World through Veracruz and from there, went on to conquer all of México

Vanilla was first discovered in Veracruz

Fidel Castro lived in Veracruz before returning to Cuba

The United States invaded México through the state of Veracruz, twice

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