Here Today, Gone to Maui? or Vamos a Veracruz!

Destination: Maui, Hawaii

# hours by plane from San Francisco:  5½

 Latitude: 20.8000˚ N

Elevation: Sea Level

Climate: Warm, Tropical Conditions

# of Tourists/month of Dec. 2013:  209,332


Destination: Veracruz, Mexico

# hours by plane from Houston:  2

Latitude: 19.1903˚ N

Elevation: Sea Level

Climate: Warm, Tropical Conditions

# of Foreign Tourists /any month: Very Few


The similarities are many when comparing Maui to Veracruz …

-Virtually the same latitude which means you will find similar beautiful colorful flowers with a predominately green tropical landscape enveloping you   from every angle

– Warm ocean with sandy beaches

– Snorkel & scuba diving to view coral reefs & schools of interesting fish

– Great hiking in the tropical rain forests

– Pools of clear water to swim in formed by magnificent cascading waterfalls

– A plethora of pretty tropical birds & butterflies

– Boating, Kayaking, ATV rides, Rappelling, Rafting, Biking, Swimming

– Palapa-style restaurants located on ocean beaches for relaxed eating


The differences are contrasting …

Maui = tens of thousands of tourists each month / Veracruz = you may not see any foreigners during your visit

Maui = many luxury resort hotels & time shares / Veracruz = some luxury hotels but mostly small locally owned places to stay

Maui = Takes more time to get there / Veracruz = Only 2 hours by plane from Houston or a 50 minute flight from Mexico City

Maui = spend much more $$$ on food & attractions / Veracruz =  not so much

Maui = English is spoken everywhere / Veracruz = Old Mexico. Not much English spoken means a true cultural immersion experience

Maui = Heavy commercialized tourism products / Veracruz = Non-commercialized. Only for the “Traveler/Explorer” personality


Veracruz is still the un-touristed Mexico destination to be discovered and enjoyed before all the others find it.


So the question to answer is, do you enjoy the vastly more crowded and touristy “Here Today, Gone to Maui” style tropical vacation or are you the more adventurous type who would like to explore a tropical pristine paradise unknown to most? If you choose the latter, then definitely it is time to say, “Vamos a Veracruz!”