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One of the most exciting things about traveling to a foreign country is that . . . well . . . it’s foreign. Customs, food, mannerisms, and of course, language can all be quite different from your own.  Sure, you can go to a well-established commercial tourism area of a country and probably not have to leave your comfort zone. For the most part, everything will be sanitized and stress free. That’s what resort vacations are all about.

But you and I know that when you do that, you are not really seeing that country. You only see what the tourism developers want you to see.  Probably most or the local workers there have learned to speak your language and your surroundings are geared for “tourists.” You really don’t see what “real” life is like in that country.

To really get to know a country, you have to become a “traveler” and visit areas where “tourists” do not go. You need to know in advance that what you will experience is a different lifestyle which may be way out of your comfort zone. In a sense, you become an explorer. Different foods, different customs, and a different language await you when you step out of your hotel each morning.

Here are 3 Good Tips to Prepare Yourself for Traveling to a Different County

 explore-tropical-veracruz-g-1Tip #1

Study up on where you are going before your go. Check out the internet for information, browse through travel books, and talk to people who have been there. The more you know in advance, the less you will feel like a fish out of water when you arrive.

Tip #2

Do not keep comparing their life-style and ways of doing things to yours. Their ways of doing things is not “wrong,” it is just different. Just smile and accept it. Who knows, you might even like their way better.

Tip #3

Take the time before you go to learn simple basic phrases in their language; Hello, Thank You, Please, Goodbye, you get the idea.

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¡Buen Viaje!

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